Our vision at Colleyville Assembly of God is completing people in Christ. One of the ways we would like to assist in doing that is by providing information about the church-wide “Garden to City” Reading Plan. Below you will see a couple of months’ worth of readings to follow along as we read together. Sunday morning services will reflect these readings in the messages that will be heard. If you would like to see the whole year plan please click here for a PDF version of this file.

From Garden to City Readings

Oct 1
Acts 15-16 Paul’s missionary journey
Galatians 1-3 Paul authority in Christ, freedom/faith
Galatians 4-6 Spir freedom, not license to sin, love
Acts 17-18:17 Paul’s 3rd missionary journey
1 Thess 1-2 Thessalonians relationship w Christ

Oct 8
1 Thess 3-5 Encourage growth, practical living
2 Thess 1-3 Encourage growth, anti-Christ, firm
Acts 18:18-29; 19 Ephesus
1 Cor 1-2 Divisions in the church
1 Cor 3-4 Misconceptions of Christian ministry

Oct 15
1 Cor 5-6 We live to honor Him, sexual misuse
1 Cor 7-8 Marriage, Christian freedoms
1 Cor 9-10 Disciplined freedom, practical advice
1 Cor 11-12 Public worship
1 Cor 13-14 Love and the gifts

Oct 22
1 Cor 15-16 Christ resurrection guarantees us
2 Cor 1-2 Discipline and forgiving an offender
2 Cor 3-4 New covenant glory, personal suffer…
2 Cor 5-6 Compassionate dedication, love
2 Cor 7-8 Appeal for love, generosity

Oct 29
2 Cor 9-10 Results of generosity
2 Cor 11-13 Paul reaffirms his rights, warning
Acts 20:1-3; Rom 1-2 To Macedonia, Greece. We need God
Rom 3-4 Justification by faith, Abraham ex.
Rom 5-6 Benefits right w God, free from sin

Nov 5
Rom 7-8 Freedom from condemnation
Rom 9-10 Restored via righteousness in Christ
Rom 11-12 Practical applications in daily life
Rom 13-14 Practical applications in daily life
Rom 15-16 Spirit of unity and law of love

Nov 12
Acts 20-21 Paul’s return to Jerusalem
Acts 22-23 Paul’s ministry in prison
Acts 24-25 Paul in prison in Caeseria
Acts 26-27 Paul in prison in Caeseria
Acts 28 Paul in prison in Rome

Nov 19
Col 1-2 Supremacy of Christ
Col 3-4 Standards of right living/relations
Eph 1-3 God’s purpose for church, freedom sin
Eph 3-4 God’s wisdom in church, Spirit power
Eph 5-6 Relationships/armor of God

Nov 26
Phil 1-2 United in in love/Christ example
Phil 3-4 Joy/Freedom from anxiety
Heb 1-2 He is superior/danger of willful sin
Heb 3-4 Jesus surpasses OT priest
Heb 5-6 Danger of spiritual immaturity

Dec 3
Heb 7 Jesus superior in character
Heb 8-9 Better covenant: grace
Heb 10 Danger of deliberate sin
Heb 11 Characteristics of faith: hall of faith
Heb 12 Remain focused in God’s grace, holy

Dec 10
1 Tim 1-3 Importance of prayer, high requirem…
1 Tim 4-6 Dealing with different groups
2 Tim 1-2 Guard the truth, strong in grace, kind
2 Tim 3-4 Increasing wickedness, preach Word
1 Peter 1-2 Holiness through obedience, example

Dec 17
1 Peter 3-4 Facing times of suffering
1 Peter 5; 1 John 1 Encouragement in suffering
1 John 2-3 Authentic relationship with God
1 John 4-5 Love of God, assurances of God
Revelation 1 Glorious and Exalted Lord

Dec 24
Revelation 2 Seven churches
Revelation 3 Seven churches
Revelation 19:6-20 Climax of conflict
Revelation 21 New Heavens and New Earth
Revelation 22 Conclusion

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